We’ve Got The Rules in French

After a full one week on Kickstarter, super exciting and important for us, we are ready to share with you how the project has developed.

Most important of all, thanks to one of you, supporters of Among Thieves, we now have the rules and campaign translated in French and we’re working on expanding in other languages, most notably – German and Polish. Thank you, Nicolas Pignon, for offering us your help and doing this wonderful translation!

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Meanwhile, we got some media coverage in Bulgaria (it’s on our Facebook page, check it out if you speak Bulgarian), but we also got in touch with websites, blogs and retailers all over the world and we’re patiently waiting for their responses. We got into a podcast next Monday (August 8), but in an update later this week we’ll give you more information on where to listen to it and what to expect! It will be in English.

We are grateful for your support, guys, and we ask you to spread the word on every social network that you can – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, whatever. You can use the hashtag #nohonor and we’ll be looking for it!

Among Thieves stats

Just some stats: we’re over 100 people and the total pledge amount is $3,200+, which is really amazing and we’re glad so many of you have liked our little game!

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