A rock star backing Among Thieves

With a little help from our friends

We knew that we can’t make a good kickstarter campaign for Among Thieves if we don’t make a good introduction video. And even though we speak English, the accent is not that good (check out the second video). So we needed a native speaker and not someone who sounds like he’s from an obscure concrete jungle in the middle of nowhere. So we searched and asked our friends and we found the perfect solution – Naso Ruskov – the lead singer of Babyface Clan (https://www.facebook.com/Babyface-Clan-65667881080/). The main question: would he agree and would he find time, as the group is mixing some new music right now. So we asked and prayed.

Naso Ruskov - always elegant

Naso at our favourite radio – Tangra MegaRock

“hmmm…..I don’t lend my voice too often…but since I know you, I might….depends on when and where you want to record and my schedule which is rather busy…let me know and perhaps we can think of something”, was the answer we got from Mr Ruskov. And so he did it. We got the voice over on a fine Friday morning and we nearly exploded with joy. Man, it was so… So much more than anyone of us could do. And hell yeah – a real rock star was backing our project!

Then those cool guys – Alexandar Negrevsky and Teodor Ralev – made the video, put the voiceover and some music. But then we got to the rights issue – we didn’t have the rights for the music, so we had to find new one. And the time was almost up – one week before the official launch of the project. So we searched and asked our friends again. And then came Nikola Petrov from Eriney (https://www.facebook.com/Erineymusic/?fref=nf). He and Alexandra Shkodrova had an idea that might work. And in just two days they got the tune. “We had so much fun with this project and we know it will be just the first of many”, said they and we certainly hope that this would be the case.

Check out the instrument Alex is using

Alex is so concentrated

Nikola is doing the fine tuning

Nikola is doing the fine tuning

Big thanks for the help, people.

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