Among Thieves

A card game of thievery, cunning and dishonorable deeds.

The Story

A band of thieves once gathered at a table in a small tavern. They drank and sang and drank again until one of them started boasting about his incredible skills.

“You, boys, can’t take a penny from a beggar”, he said.

“Ha!” snorted another one, offended. “Says who? Mr. I-rob-old-ladies? None of you are my equal!”

A third thief laughed so hard, she almost fell off her chair. They all started arguing, shouting at each other, inventing the grossest of insults. Just when a fight seemed the inevitable end of this quarrel, the youngest of them managed to attract everyone’s attention.

“Oi! Calm down, brothers, no need for blood. Say, we’re all betting men, are we not? How ’bout a wager to settle this once and for all, eh?”

And so it began.

Game Overview

Among Thieves is a fast-paced card game of thievery, cunning and dishonourable deeds, designed for 3-5 players and appropriate for practically all ages.  

You take the role of a thief, trying to outsmart the others and amass a greater fortune to prove your superiority. Everyone has the same set of action cards and each turn selects two, placing them face-down in front of himself or herself. Then, starting with the Acting Master Thief (first player), all players take turns in revealing their cards and completing their effect. At the end of the round, one of the two actions played is secretly discarded and play continues until there is a clear winner.

Playtime is 15-35 minutes.


Amon thieves box

In the box you will find:  

  • A detailed rulebook;
  • Five sets of 5 Action cards (Stretch goal: +1 additional set!);
  • Ten Heist Location cards;
  • 31 coin tokens;
  • One Acting Master Thief marker (Stretch goal: wooden!);